Charles Hutchinson Letter Book, 1880-81
p. 501

[undated – probably Jan 15, 1881]

Luke Nangle told Charles Nangle & John Grace, that on the mg [morning] after the murder the saw Toohey dressed in woman's clothes & taking them off in the stable. [...] He can prove that there were several meetings of part of the vigilance committee at Toohey's house, between the night of the Ryder fire & the murders, when the windows were screened with bed quilts. Nangle has been served with a subpoena, but says he will leave the country [...].

John Doherty lives on lot 25 8 con Biddulph. On the night of the murder he heard a noise & got up [...]. This was near 12 o'clock. He saw a number of men, 14 or 15 men going along the side road, in the direction of the Roman line. [...] He identified Patk Dewan, John Kennedy, John Heenan, Denis Heenan, Michl Heenan, John Lampier, & Jas Harrigan. [...] He also told Wm Donnelly that Martin Darcy, James Carroll & John Cain between the Ryder burning & the murder asked him to join the vigilance committee, & Cain took down a stick off the loft over the stove (it was in Cain's home) & swore that "by God he would bury that stick in Tom Donnelly's skull before a week".

[...] Pat Bennett says that he was at the last meeting in the Cedar Swamp school house shortly before the murder, & Father Connolly called in while the meeting was in progress. The meeting seemed to be divided. He thought one section seemed to wish not to let the others know what was going on. They retired into an ante room at the back. [...]

AE. Irving Esq, QC

Source: J.J. Talman Regional Collection, University of Western Ontario Archives, Donnelly Family Papers, B4878, File 15, Charles Hutchinson, Charles Hutchinson Letter Book, ca. January 15, 1881.

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