Diary of John B. Cox, 1880

[...] February

4th — News of a most atrocious murder perpetrated last night at Lucan, 7 miles from London, the victims were the Donnelly family. Father, Mother and 2 sons and one niece and then the house had been set afire to cover the crime. Four of their bodies burnt to a cinder. The people of the city wre terrified to hear of such a diabolical and lawless crime.

5th. — Regarding the late Donnelly tragedy the sympathy is with the deceased and the Police office, streets and Court House are eagerly watched by the people to get a view of the criminals.

[...] 26th — Took a walk to the Court House for a few minutes to hear the investigation on the Donnelly Massacre.

[...] 27th — There was a great flutter of people in the City Hall to hear the Donnelly investigation going on before John Peters and Fisher, both County Magistrates.

[...] Oct.
4th — The Donnelly Biddulph tragedy opened this morning at the Fall Assize the first prisoner on the docket was Jas. Carroll for the murder of Judith Donnelly.

[...] 7th — The Biddulph Tragedy (Donnelly) at the Court House. James Carroll being tried for the murder of Mrs. Judith Donnelly. The Court House is crowded every day although being admitted by the ticket from the Sheriff.

9th — We took a walk down town to get our groceries and promenaded the streets until 10:30 to hear the jury’s verdict on J. Carroll the Donnelly murderer. The jury disagreed. [...]

Source: London Room, London Public Library, Edwin Seaborn Collection, Diaries, Volume Two, John B. Cox, Diary of John B. Cox, 1880, 1899-1909.

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