Charles Hutchinson Letter Book, 1880-81 p. 272

Aug 25, 1880

My dear Sir,
William Donnelly was here yesterday. He told me that John Whalen, son of old Patrick, has important information, which he thought he would be willing to communicate, if assured of safety & of participation in the reward. He can identify some of the parties who were at the old Donnelly's & who participated in the murder. [...] Donnelly says that John Whalen is friendly, & is only kept back by fear. He would like to leave the country, as he is regarded with suspicion by the vigilants. He says there are others in the same position & who are only deterred by fear from telling what they know.

Everett was here the other day, & spoke much to same effect. He says he knows persons who were asked to join in the murders, but refused, & have therefore been placed under a sort of ban. These persons would be glad enough to see the murderers convicted, & would come forward to testify, if they thought there was a certainty of convictions being got. But they are also afraid. [...]

Yours very truly,
Charles Hutchinson, Cty Atty

AE. Irving, QC
Hamilton, Ont.

Source: J.J. Talman Regional Collection, University of Western Ontario Archives, Donnelly Family Papers, B4878, File 14, Charles Hutchinson, Charles Hutchinson Letter Book, August 25, 1880.

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