Charles Hutchinson Letter Book, 1880-81
p. 68


April 19 1880

[ Johnny O'Connor, This drawing originally appeared in the 1880 newspaper coverage of the Donnelly murders.  It is reprinted in Donald L. Cosens, ed. Dear Sir,
I am in great trouble about the care of the boy Johnny O'Connor. Things have come to a crisis, & something must be done. So far I have kept the boy at a boarding house next door to the police station, under charge of a constable during the day, & a city policeman has been detailed to watch the house at night. [...] The father & the rest of the family remained at Lucan, where they had a cottage of their own. Now that has been destroyed by fire., with nearly all the contents, furniture & all the clothing of the family. The mother has just been here. She insists now upon some immediate arrangement for her and her family. She wants a house for them in London, & the rent paid, & requires an immediate outlay for the clothing of the whole family. She proposes that Johnny should live with them. [...] She is a troublesome old woman, & her husband is more troublesome still. Nothing satisfies them, & no on can keep on good terms with them. [...] The old people want money. I have no confidence in them; at the same time it will not be prudent to break with them. [...] They want their full needs supplied, & in fact are bent on making some money out of our necessities. [...] Please bear in mind that if we let Johnny out of our hands, chances are in favor of our never seeing him again. He is safe now, but I do not think he would be safe with his parents, even under charge of a constable. [...]

Truly yours,
Charles Hutchinson, Cty Atty

F.G. Scott, QC, Attorney Genl's office, Toronto

Source: J.J. Talman Regional Collection, University of Western Ontario Archives, Donnelly Family Papers, B4878, File 13, Charles Hutchinson, Charles Hutchinson Letter Book, April 19, 1880.

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