Letter to C. Hutchinson from Willliam Donnelly

Lucan June 9th/80

Mr Hutchinson

Dear Sir

[...] am satisfied now as to where they all met previous to the murder. Old Pat Ryder has a farm mile south of my fathers on the east side of the road there is a side road running by it which leeds to Heenans and Kennedys [...] The Ryan family use this house when working on the farm The morning after the murder there were about fifteen tracks covering this untraveled side road to this house. All the tracks led by John Doherty’s house which is situated by this side road. I understand Doherty saw them going and heard some of their conversation but he is afraid to say anything. [...] I found out a good motive for McLaughlin aiding in the murder, he was told we were going to burn him out after Ryans burning. My wife is at her fathers and I do not sleep any two nights in the same house [...].

Yours Truly
(signed) William Donnelly

Source: J.J. Talman Regional Collection, University of Western Ontario Archives, Donnelly Family Papers, B4878, File 2, William Donnelly, Letter to C. Hutchinson from William Donnelly, June 9, 1880.

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