A Rabid Orangeman.

[ Orange Lodge Report, 1876, Photograph taken at Lucan Area Heritage and Donnelly Museum in August, 2005. Copyright Great Canadian Unsolved Mysteries Project, Jennifer Pettit,   ][...]To Mr. McGee, The Irish Champion,
Brave Sir, Ireland's Boast,

You are striving to give new life to the Irish Papists, It is a great task you have to perform, and One you cannot do, The Irish Papists are slaves, we loyal Orange made them So, and by Heavens Keep them so. In Ireland one million of us has Kept them to the grindstone, do you think we will not with the Scotch and English keep them here to the Millstone, Their slavish principles made them our serfs in Ireland, and it will make them here in Canada the Hewers of our woods the drawers of our waters, Freedom is the gift of Heaven, the Irish papists are the children of Hell, therefore they cannot have freedom. We shall scurge them here with scorpions, and finally make them seek some other clime besides Canada for their rendezvous. Only for they are slaves would they allow seven million of themselves to be governed by one million of Loyal Orange, Success to the loyal orangemen, and they shall reign here, as they have reigned in Ireland, the terror of the enemies of our gracious Queen,

You are endeavoring to join together the French and the mere Irish, a mere hope: you might as well strive to trace the lightnings in the Heavens, The French are too intelligent to join Canal diggers of Canada, Allowing the impossibility to occur; it would hurry to our ranks the lukewarm, then we would stare at you like bulldogs, and defy your menaces with our swords,

A warning to you in time, that you cannot say we do work in the dark: it is our determination not to allow an Irish Papist to office, Pontiac Election shows that, not to allow them to be appointed magistrates in fact not to allow them any Civil office in the State. Why should we the Popish dogs, the whores of Babylon, the Beasts with the seven heads. You dare not publish this letter, because it would strike terror into the Cowards that support you, Pelaver their Courage, and they may go to the Polls, but if they see our spirit in Print they would run away from us like Chaff before the wind. We shall treat them all in Canada as the brave Clarendon Orange men have treated the Onslow Papists, Irish Cowards

A Loyal Orangeman,
your mortal enemy,
the enemy of your race
Source: National Archives of Canada, John O. Hanley Fonds, MG29, B11, Vol. 26, Newspaper Scrapbook, Unknown, "A Rabid Orangeman," ca. 1869, 166.

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