Letter from Robert and Mary Ritchie to James Ritchie, Ireland

[ Photograph of Letter from James Ritchie to Robert Ritchie, 19 September 1848, Unknown, National Archives of Canada e-003894616 ]Robert & Mary Ritchie to James Ritchie, care of John Graham Esq., Blackstone, Ballymena, C. Antrim, Ireland.

"Ramsay January 26, 1847.

Dear son & Brother

We take this favourable opertunity of writing to you to let you know that we are both well thank God for his mercies to us hoping that these few lines will find you in the same you requested us to let you know If there was any chance of Getting a situation near us there is plenty of vacant land Close to us which you can purchase within ½ mile of us the price that It is sold at is 8/- per acre there will not be much weaving here for some time as the country is new but you may fetch your loom as much of it as you can for you will have use for it after some time It is not for the want of land here that I told you to fetch It as there is plenty of land to be got here there is no money to be paid down on it there is 8 years Given to pay for it in yearly Installments you can Buy any quantity of it you like you want to know if the Crops is Good and If I would advise you to Come here the crops is all very Good here this yeare and I would advise you strongly to come out

[...] Dear Brother you want to know the Directions to come Buy- From Quebeck to Montreal and then to Buytown and then to the Shaws and then to Portage du fort and then you are within six miles of my place I am living in the Township of Ross and my mother is at present living in Ramsay But is mooving up to my place in a fiew [sic] Days from now so that we will be Both there when you come out When you come to Quebeck go to the Emigrant office and you will likely Get up free If you do they will Give you a ticket to Give to the Captain of the Steem Boat you wanted to Know how that I Got up a single person will not Get up free I had to stop in Quebeck and work for money to fetch me to Montreal and then I worked there for money to fetch me to Buytown Do not spend any of your money on close [clothes] But come as saving as possible as you can get plenty of close [clothes] here. Keep your minds to yourselves as much as possible till you be ready to come away fetch a little Broom seed and whone seed with you and a fiew of poor robin’s almanacks Give our kind love to all our Brothers & Sisters and all our friends Robert Kirk & family is well Widow Nea and family is all well John Read is Dead and his son William the rest of the family is well-we forgot to tell you about the markets Oats is 2/- per Bushel wheat 5/- per Bushel potatoes 2/6 per Bushel Oat miel 25/ Per Barrel pork 60/- per Barrel

No more at present But remains your affectionate
Brother & Mother Robert & Nancy Richie

I have got £9 which will be sent in a few days through the Canada Company it will make something more than £7 Sterling.

Mary Richie

Source: National Archives of Canada, James Ritchie Fonds, MG24 I199, Robert Ritchie and Mary Ritchie, Letter to James Ritchie, Ireland, January 26, 1847.

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