Arson in Biddulph - Committal of the Incendiaries.

On Monday last a number og persons were assigned before Messrs. Ryan, Flannagan, Barber, Hodgins, Carter and Kelly, at Biddulph, on the [?mation] of a person named Hogan. The information stated that Denis Twoey, sen., Patrick Wrigley, James Rider, jun., John Twoey, Patrick Twoey, and Darby Twoey, had offered him (Hogan) a sum of 830 in May last, if he would set fire to the premises of Andrew Keefe. Several other persons were also charged with those previously named, but they were discharged, the others being committed to the assizes. Strange to say, the informant Hogan has absconded, and is nowhere to be found, a course taken most probably at the instance of the accused

Source: Unknown, "Arson in Biddulph," London Free Press, September 10, 1858.

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