The first press dispatch concerning the attempt to burn a barn in Lucan gave the impression that the Donnellys had been caught red-handed. This has been seized hold of by some of our contemporaries, who already speak of the recent arrest as being liable to influence the jury in any further trials of the persons charged with the Donnelly murders of nearly two years ago. We have no intention to discuss either of the cases at the present time. But it is no more than just that the two should be kept distinct and altogether apart. As a matter of fact, the Donnellys were not found at the attempted burning of the barn, and whatever the future may develop there is at present no more evidence against then than against any other citizens of the Dominion. Had they even been caught red-handed in the most dastardly of crimes, that would form no justification for the murder of women and old men two years ago.

Let each case stand on its own merits.

Source: Unknown, "Lucan Lawlessness," London Advertiser, October 12, 1881.

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