Horse Thieves About!

A couple of daring horse thieves have been starring it of late in this and the neighboring countries. On Wednesday night last, or Thursday morning, a concerted though separate attack was made on the stables of Egmundville and Seaforth, Co. of Huron, the result being the purloining of a horse from each place, one of them belonging to Mr. A. Strong, making off with their captured animals. They took different directions, one going via Bracefield and Exeter, and the other Stratford. They met as though by a pre-arranged plan, at Lucan, and one of the thieves sold his animal, a splendid young colt, to Mr. McLean, hotel-keeper, for the sum of $75. They then started off in the direction of London in a buggy with the remaining horse. On Thursday evening, one of the owners went in pursuit to Lucan, and there found the disagreeable condition of things mentioned. Several constables were dispatched after the culprits, who were just six hours behind them last evening.

Source: Unknown, "Horse Thieves About," London Free Press, September 30, 1865.

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