An Answer to "Biddulph."

To the Editor of the ADVERTISER.

SIR, - In Thursday's Free Press there appeared a letter named "Biddulph," in which Vice-Chancellor Blake's name is used, and an endeavor is made in connection therewith to influence the Catholic electors of this locality against Mr. Waters, and to make a little capital for the Tory candidate. "Biddulph's" memory is very short, or he would remember it was not the Reformers who, four years ago, on a Sunday morning, went out in the city of Toronto to meet and shoot down unoffending Catholics on their was to church. "Biddulph," if he lives in Biddulph will remember that no reformer was engaged three years ago in the dastardly work of breaking in to Catholic houses in Biddulph in the night, and compelling the inmates - women and girls - to get up in their night-clothes, in order that these midnight marauders might under the pretended sanction of the law, search for a Catholic offender. The treatment of Catholics above described, was reserved for the Orangemen, whose champion John McDougall is, and who have as their particular friend, Mr. Meredith, of London.


Bid ulph, April 26, 1879.

Source: Unknown, "An Answer to \"Biddulph\"," London Advertiser, May 2, 1879.

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