A Farmer's House Entred by Masked Mas.

Who Tie His hands with Bell Cord and Demand Money.

The Robbers Rewarded with $135

On Friday night last about eleven o'clock three men entered the dwelling of Mr. Wm. Donnelly, a respectable farmer of the Township of Osborne, adjoining Biddulph, and before he was well aware of the fact, proceeded to his bedroom, and securely bound his hands with what was evidently a piece of a train bell-cord. Upon being asked their intention the robbers replied they knew there was $490 in the house, that they wanted it and in case of refusal would burn the house down. Mr. Donnelly tried to impress upon them that there was no money in the house, upon which they fired two shots from a revolver over his head, the balls of which lodged in the wall in rather close proximity to Donnelly's head. [...]

Donnelly can give no description of the burglars (they being heavily muffled up), further than that one of them was shout six feet high the other about five feet seven, very stoutly built, and the third dwartish in appearance.

Source: Unknown, "Lawlessness in Usborne," London Free Press, March 4, 1879.

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