The "reign of terror" still continues in Lucan, and as yet no great effort has been made to secure the discovery of the rascals who have committed the diabolical outrage of the past few weeks. Nor does there seem any prospect of an abatement in the lawlessness which has for some time existed. During the last week or two several thousand dollars worth of property has been destroyed by fire, the origin of which, to the minds of all who reside in then neighborhood, was clearly traced to incendiaries. In addition to this some 15 [illegible], principally belonging to Messrs. Watson and Walker, stage owners, have perished, either by being burned alive or otherwise. The latest outrage, which appears to be the most fiendish of the series was perpetrated between last (Monday) night and this morning. It appears that Messrs. Walker and Watson, having, as stated, lost several valuable animals by the burning down of stables, etc., were afraid to keep their home in the stables over night, and so put them out in a field. They did so, as usual, on Monday night, Mr. Walker putting three good animals, and Mr. Watson one, into a field adjoining the village. During the night, horrible to rein ate, some mind, or fiends, in human form, visited the pasture and cut the [tails] of the whole of the dumb animals, at the same time frightfully mutilating their bodies. Finding it difficult to trace the death of Mr. Watson's horse by the process named, the scoundrels disemboweled him. The whole of the animals were found in a dead state this morning. These outrages have caused a great deal of indignation in the neighborhood, and threats to hang the miscreants, should they be discovered, are freely indulged in. The authorities should lose no time in offering a reward for their arrest and conviction.

Source: Unknown, ""Ku-Klux" In Lucan," London Free Press, May 23, 1877.

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