The Whole Scene to be Re-produced on the Stage.

Real Characters in a Real Live Drama.

John O'Connor, Bill Donnelly and Mrs. O'Connor on the Stage.

The Biddulph Tragedy Dramatic Company is assuming larger proportions everyday, and from what we can learn will prove a very profitable undertaking. The modus operandi, as explained to our reporter, is as follows: The troupe now in course of organization when completed will consist of from eighteen to twenty characters, among whom will figure in reality the veritable Johnny O'Connor, Wm. Donnelly and Mrs. Mary Hastings O'Connor. These will be the only real live characters in the great five-act drama. [...]


will be represented, in which will be seen the old man Donnelly and his wife sitting at the fireside and talking over the events of the day, especially the late Ryder barn-burning.

[...] The hospitality, humor, fun and wit for which the Biddulph people are noted will be brought forward in a truly characteristic light. [...]

Source: Unknown, "The Biddulph Tragedy - The Whole Scene to be Re-produced on the Stage," London Advertiser, March 3, 1881.

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