After a lengthened and most searching investigation to bring those guilty of the cruel murder of the Donnellys to justice, the law has so far failed to discover the criminals. Carroll, who has generally been considered as the one upon whom the crime was most likely to be fastened, has been declared not guilty by the jury and acquitted, while the other prisoners have been liberated upon bail. It is much to be regretted that in a country like Canada such a cold blooded massacre should have taken place as was the murder of the Donnelly family, and the perpetrators of the diabolical deed be allowed to escape the penalty of the crime, through the lack of evidence to discover their guilt. That the jury have rendered a just verdict, many will, no doubt, call in question, but whatever may be the difference of opinion in this regard, we have a right to assume that is has been given by men who, with a full sense of their responsibilities, were sworn to deal justly between the Crown and the prisoners according to the evidence laid before them.

Source: Unknown, "The Biddulph Case," Listowel Banner, February 4, 1881.

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