[...] LONDON, Jan. 29. - In the Biddulph murder trial this forenoon the prosecution closed and the defence was entered upon. The first witness called was James Thompson, a farmer, living about half a mile from the Donnellys. He swore that the prisoner Carroll slept at his house the night of the murder, going to bed at 10 o' clock with his brother, who worked with witness. He says they both slept in the same bed upstairs. To the Chief of Police, however, on the morning after the murder he stated that he (witness) had gone to bed at 6:30 on the previous night and did not waken up till 7 that morning. In the box to-day he said he did not remember saying that, but if he did it, it was because he was afraid of being arrested. This Thompson is the same whose cow was lost and supposed to be stolen by the Donnellys, giving rise to the visit of the Vigilance Committee to their place en masse at daylight, armed with guns and clubs. The cow was afterwards found in the woods back of his own house. [...]

Source: Unknown, "Biddulph Case," Listowel Banner, February 4, 1881.

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