Steps Being Taken for Their Trial by a Special Commission.

LONDON. Nov. 5. - It has been ascertained that the Attorney-General has communicated with the Judges in regard to the Special Commission to try the Biddulph prisoners, but as yet no answer has been given. There being no prospects of the prisoners being liberated in bail at present, the Attorney-General has decided to have them tried by a Special Commission, and the preliminary steps towards carrying this out are now being taken. There will be no change of venue. The Judges will not demand it in the face of the decision already given - Should the Crown Counsel demand a change the matter would have to be argued over again. The Attorney-General has no desire to keep the prisoners in gaol until next spring, hence we may look for some movement in the matter before many days.

Source: Unknown, "The Biddulph Prisoners - Steps Being Taken for Their Trial by a Special Commission," Globe, November 6, 1880.

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