The Kennedy Family.

To the Editor of the Free Press.

Biddulph, March 6th, 1880.

SIR,- I notice in your last Saturday's issue the picture of John Kennedy, one of the prisoners now in London jail for the Donnelly murder. Under it was stated that his father and mother and two sisters said he was ringleader of the massacre. With reference to this subject, after making requisite inquiries, I have to say it is a deliberate falsehood, and whoever your informant may be, he is only trying to work up the feelings of the public against the prisoner. Would your informant tell you the real truth, he never heard such words expressed by any of the family. We said, we hoped the perpetrators would be brought to justice, but never mentioned who our suspicions rested on. I also notice in the Globe that the reporter said he had an interview with John Kennedy, sen., at his house. That I can correct, as there has never been a reporter to our house. All your informants can say that we have said is that parties guilty of such a diabolical and horrid butchery, the day will come on them - with their blood stained hands they will have to appear before a just God, and then lawyers of this earth cannot protect them. Let the law take its course with those accused, and defend the innocent. I am, yours respectfully,


Source: Unknown, "The Kennedy Family," London Free Press, March 6, 1880.

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