Received by Mr. C. W. Kent.

The following letter, dated at Lucan and posted at London, explains itself:

Lucan Ontario

Mr. C. Kent
I supose you have heard of the taking away of the Donnellys and reason why when men commit crimes and use their influence to eskape punishment then it is the duty of the publik take the law in their own hands and punish the gilty.

the Donnellys murdered and robed and burned and stil managed to eskape justice you murdered poor Howie it was cold bloded murder you bribed Lawyers and Doctors and Jurimen and by them mens eskaped the gallus [gallows] which you well deserved but we have our eyes upon you and your Dome is fixed sooner or later there is no eskape for you

but there is one way in which you may lengthen your days a little turn out that old—and her daughter that you are living with and give a hundred dollars to Bishop Welsh for the respose of the soul of poor Howie and prepare for your end which must come before long. do this before the 24th of May poor Howie death day or you will join the Donnelly before a month and stand before a Coort where money wont bribe Doctors or Jurimen Blood for Blood. do thes now or you will be found sum mornin with Pistol Ball in you and no one will no who put their there will be no arests this time we will do things better next time practes improves We have work to do and we intend to do it when we have Settled you we intend to go for Drought another murderer. Blood for Blood.

Remember before the 24 May, or you are dead in a month


Source: Unknown, "Threatening Letter," London Advertiser, February 23, 1880.

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