Plundering and stealing is more than usually in the ascendant in this village. A Vigilance Committee is now being talked of for the suppression of open violence and midnight thievery. We give an instance. Mr. Grundy was the happy proprietor of a choice Berkshire, a pig got up expressly for family use. The utmost care had been envinced in the nurture and sustentation of this quadruped. The superfluous moisture from the culinary department together with modicums of vegetables and an occasional handful of grain tended to develop the bone and elevate the muscle, if not to some slight extent the adipose deposit of the pig in question. The killing day arrived, but with it came a villain who watched the operations through a crack in the fence. Mr. Grundy had occasion to "see a man," and during his absence the dressed hog disappeared, and no trace has yet been discovered of the same.

Source: Unknown, "Lucan," London Advertiser, February 1, 1877.

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