A Long Chase After Two Theives of the Famous Township.

LONDON, July 24. - A few nights since several valuable sheep were stolen from the farm of Mr. Samuel Langford, of Biddulph. It was ascertained that the sheep had been sold to Mr. Flanagan, of the 5th concession, London. Mr. Flanagan, when informed that the sheep had been stolen, set out with the officers to capture the thieves. They drove to Bryanton, and thence to St. Mary's and Mitchell, where the thieves separated, one continuing his road in their waggon, the other purchasing a ticket at the railway station. He was seen boarding the train, and was soon arrested. A stern chase again commenced after Little, the other man, and he was overtaken not far from Seaforth. The prisoners were brought back and taken before Squire Peters, who remanded them.

Source: Unknown, "The Biddulph Sheep-Stealers," The Globe, July 25, 1881.

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