Arrest of One of the Donnelly's on Suspicion,

Our readers will recollect that on the night of Monday of last week an attempt was made to assassinate Constable Everett, of Lucan, as he was entering his house about midnight. The attempt took the shape of an effort to shoot the Constable, aim being taken from behind a wood pile opposite Everett's house. At the time suspicion fastened on several parties - there being three engaged in the affair -and the Constable says he could recognize them as they ran off. Yesterday afternoon an arrest was made in connection with the affair, Robert Donnelly being taken into custody on suspicion of being the party who fired the shot. It will be seen what developments an investigation before the authorites will lead to.

Source: Unknown, "The Lucan Shooting: Arrest of One of the Donnellys on Suspicion," London Advertiser, March 27, 1877.

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