[...] The Lobo boys are on the rampage once more, this time it was outside of Elder Sinclair’s house, and whilst a singing-class was practising. Buffalo robes, Blankets, harness, &c., were cut and slashed indiscriminately, and rugs, whips and mufflers and overcoats scattered and destroyed. A large sum of money is offered for the apprehension of the rascals. The principal sufferers were Messrs. John Woods, Charles Paul, D. McGugan, H. Moore, D. Carmichael and others. This is as bad as Lucan.


at Lucan still attracts crowds of visitors. The friends of the young man Ryan, it appears, waited till after three o’clock, when Constable Everett, deeming all idea of a rescue abandoned, retired to rest. With jimmies, crow-bars and other burglar-tools the "Biddulph and Lucan lambs" soon made a hole sufficient to run a wheel barrow in, and in a very short time Tom Ryan was a free man. The prisoner it appears was arrested on a charge of carrying a bowie knife. [...]

Source: Unknown, "Lobo," London Advertiser, January 10, 1878.

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