Glencoe Transcript, Nov 29, 1883


- At a late hour on Saturday night Robert Donnelly, of the village, assaulted Constable Hugh McKay, and was on Monday arrested and taken to London by Constable G. Moore. Donnelly's explanation of the affair is that for some time past he has been missing geese from his flock, and determined to keep a watch for the party or parties who were making inroads upon them. Accordingly on Saturday night, while on sentry, he saw some person leaving his premises and accosted him. The intruder turned out to be McKay. Donnelly says he determined to take the law in his own hands, and gave McKay a good thrashing. [...] McKay has since been arrested for larceny; the arrest being made by Constable William Donnelly.

Source: Unknown, "All About Geese," Glencoe Transcript, November 29, 1883. Notes: Transcription, J.J. Talman Regional Collection, University of Western Ontario Archives, Reaney Papers, Box 22 (B1308), File 1.

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