Free Press, Sept. 15, 1882


The old Flame Rekindled on the Roman Line -
An Opprobrious Epithet.

Another peculiar phase of the unpleasantness existing in Biddulph has been developed, in which James Carroll, the notorious resident of the Roman Line, figures conspicuously. Carroll has sworn out informations against the Keefe brothers - James and Thomas - charging them with having addressed abusive language to him during the month of August last [...]. According to the version given by the brothers, one day in August Tom. Keefe, while driving a high-spirited colt which he was engaged in breaking, had occasion to cross a bridge on the Roman Line. It chanced that "Jim" Carroll was lounging upon the structure with several companions, and as the Keefes approached the men began to toss their arms about in a furious manner, causing the animal to become alarmed. But not content with this hostile demonstration, it is asserted that Carroll grasped hold of the horse's bridle rein, when Keefe became impatient, and a warm interchange of words took place between the parties, during the progress of which it is claimed that Keefe stigmatized Carroll as a "d--n murdering son of a b-!" [...] James Keefe admits having applied the term implied to Carrol, but states that it was said in consequence of his being enraged at the conduct of Carrol and his gang. In conversation with a FREE PRESS reporter last night, Mr. Keefe remarked: - "The vigilants would like to drive us out of there, but they can't do it." [...]

Source: Unknown, "Carroll vs. Keefe," London Free Press, September 15, 1882. Notes: Transcription, J.J. Talman Regional Collection, University of Western Ontario Archives, Reaney Papers, Box 22(B1308), File 1.

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