Donnellys Disappoint Crowd

Night-long vigil on Roman Line fruitless

[...] There was no need for the Donnellys to come out and rattle chains to draw attention to the 100th anniversary of their [slaying?].

Instead, James, Johannah, Tom, John and Bridge must have perched themselves somewhere to laugh at the spectacle. Below them, hundreds of pilgrims moved bumper to bumper, at points, down the Roman Line trying to get a glimpse of the ruins of the former homestead.

[...] As many as 300 people from as far away as Toledo, Toronto, Kitchener, Guelph and London came, many not knowing what they expected to see but none complaining they were wasting their time.

[...] "If it had been Saturday night, after the bars closed, there could have been a riot out here," said Robert Norton, who owns the seven acres on which the old Donnelly homestead is located.

[...] "We expected a few cars but nothing like this," he said, looking at the lineup of traffic clogging the road in front of his house which fronts the normally peaceful gravel road. [...]

Source: Unknown, "Donnellys Disappoint Crowd," London Free Press, February 4, 1980. Notes: London Public Library, London Room, Donnelly Scrapbook, Volume Two.

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