Education is the key for Black Donnelly homestead owner

[...] Rob Salts, a teacher at Biddulph Central Public School for the past two years, lives on the land where Jim and Johannah Donnelly once dwelled.

Salts quickly realized there was still a public interest in the land when tourists would stop by and ask him where the Donnelly homestead was located.

"I would tell them: you are standing on it", he said with a smile. Being a teacher, Salts says he recognized the importance of education and the positive aspects of having students visit the site and see the landmarks of a century past.

Organized field trips of students from grades 7 through 13, have been coming to the Salts home for the past year, to view the foundation stones where the Donnelly house and school, once stood. [...]

Source: Unknown, "Education is the key for Black Donnelly Homestead Owner," Exeter Times-Advocate, October 31, 1990. Notes: J.J. Talman Regional Collection, University of Western Ontario Archives, Reaney Papers, Box 21 (B1307), File 37.

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