Deposition of Thomas Keefe, February 1880

THOMAS KEEFE. - I live in Biddulph, on the 6th concession, near James Maher’s, about half a mile from Ryder’s; I recollect the night of the murder; I saw one of the Ryders between half-past nine and ten o’clock on the night of the murder; it was Patrick Ryder, Jr.; I was standing at out gate; he was on horseback going south towards his own house; he was carrying something; I could not say what it was; it was rolled up in white; I considered it a gun; [...]

Cross-Examined by MR. MAHON. - [...] I considered from the way he hung his head down that he didn’t want to be known; [...] I am not a member of the vigilance committee: I don’t think I was ever asked to join: [...] I always thought the vigilance committee would come to a bad end like this: [...] I did not want to have anything to do with the vigilance committee; [...] I do not know what the committee was formed for: I did not go the church very often after the committee was formed: [...]

Source: Public Archives of Ontario, Irving Fonds, F1027, 82 80, MS6500, Unknown, Deposition of Thomas Keefe, February 31, 1880.

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