Deposition of William Donnelly, March 1880

WILLIAM DONNELLY, Re-called. - I know the house of my father well, and the contents of it; […] I know the room that my father used to occupy; it was the front bedroom in the south-east corner of the house; the bed in this room is different from most other beds; the posts reach nearly to the beams and the head-board and foot-board are higher than any ordinary bed, and the distance from the bottom of the bed to the floor is on or about half a foot more than any ordinary bed […]

Cross-examined by MR. MACMAHON. - […] the bed-stead in the old man’s house had been there for six or seven years; I think my mother bought it on the market; it was second-hand when she bought it […]

Source: Public Archives of Ontario, Irving Fonds, F1027, 82 80, MS6500, Unknown, Deposition of William Donnelly, March 31, 1880.

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