[Benchbook of Justice Matthew Crooks Cameron, Spring Assizes, 1880]

The Queen
William Lewis

Indicted in the Murder of Michael Donnelly on the ninth day of Dec. 1879

[...] James Muir [...] Deceased was there in the bar room. A stranger was there with him. [...] The stranger & deceased were talking about fighting dogs. After they were talking prisoner came in. He came up to the counter. [...] Donnelly afterwards said do you want anything with me. [...] When Donnelly said to prisoner do you want anything with me he took his coat off while Donnelly was standing at the counter. Prisoner came up and struck deceased a slap on the side of the face then Donnelly turned & clenched prisoner. I saw prisoner take a knife out of his pocket as he came up to the counter. He took the knife out of his pocket then. [...] I knew Donnelly well. He was a good hearted fellow. I don't know that he was considered a bully. I knew he would fight if anyone interfered. I knew he was under bond to keep the peace at St. Thomas at the time he was killed.

James Marrs [...] Donnelly always behaved himself with me. He had the name of being a good fighter.

Robert Brooks [...] I never saw Donnelly in a row. I heard he was a good man that is he used his boys well. I never heard he was a fighting man.

Joel Pritchard [...] They all said Donnelly was a pretty good man.

Thomas Henry. I arrested prisoner. Am a constable. I found him sitting down to his supper. [...] He wanted to know what this was for. I told him for stabbing Donnelly. He said going up to the lock up it was done in his own defence. I think he said it was [illegible] that he deseved.

Alexander C. Doncombe, Pyhsician - I made a post mortem with Dr. [illegible] on Michael Donnelly. The cause of death was a wound in the right [illegible] region - region of the groin - it was with a sharp instrument. [...] The knife produced would inflict such a wound. He lived fifteen or 20 minutes afterwards. The cause of death was the loss of blood. [...]

Verdit Guilty of Manslaughter

Source: J.J. Talman Regional Collection, University of Western Ontario Archives, Reaney Papers, Box 25, (B1311), File 43, Matthew Crooks Cameron, Benchbook of Justice Matthew Crooks Cameron, Spring Assizes, 1880.

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