Statement by Hodgins Regarding Brimmacombe Murder, 1859

Province of Canada
United Counties of
Huron & Bruce

The Information of James Hodgins [...] Taken upon Oath before one Robert Cooper, the undersigned one of Her Majesty's Justices of the Peace [...] this Eighteenth day of March in the year of Our Lord 1859 who saith that he has been informed and believes that Patrick Rider did commit the murder by causing the death of one Richard Brimacombe of which offence he has already been accused but not convicted or aquitted as I believe that I believe as aforesaid in consquenece of some anoymnous communications received by me from parties who peoples to be privy to the facts but who hetherto seem to have withheld their evidence and concealed what they know of the said murder are thus as I believe become accessories to the said murder after the fact, and the parties who could as aforesaid as I believe give evidence having knowledge of the said murder are Patrick Whelan, John Whelan, Anne Whelan John Toohey, Michael Moylan, John Ryan, Thomas Quigley, [illegible] McLaughlin, Robert Keefe, Michael Carroll, Ellen Moylan and others whose names are to me unknown.

[signed] James Hodgins

Sworn before me the day and year first above written.

[signed] R. Cooper J. P.

Source: J.J. Talman Regional Collection, University of Western Ontario Archives, Donnelly Family Papers, B4877, File 78, Unknown, Statement by Hodgins Regarding Brimmacombe Murder, March 18, 1859.

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