Queen vs. John and Robert Donnelly, Assault Against Peter McKellar, 1876

Police Magistrate Court London 18 March 1876
John Donelly charged with an assault upon Peter Mckeller at Lucan on the 24th January 1876 and threatening his life

Peter McKeller sworn

On the morning of 24th January last between 6 & 7 o'clock, I was a Stage Driver & Sitting on driving seat As I drove up I came to Bowden Hotel in Lucan, I stopped in front of the door & asked if there was any persons going to London. Then I saw the defendant and Robert as he stood out on the road having stepped out toward the stage. They asked me down to take a drink & seemed very anxious for me to come down off the stage - I refused - They both said if you won't drink at Bowden you must drink at McLeans. I started off the horses their and did not call at McLeans. The Prisoner and Robert both ran alond side of the sage and nearly approach McLeans Robert ran & caught my horses by the head. John the prisoner then jumped up on the wheel opposite where I was sitting driving. I was sitting with a Buffalo robe round my legs and he made a grab and caught my leg in the Buffalo robe & at same timestruck at me & called me a Son of a Bitch and said he'd like to have me [done?]. Then the Defendant said that I would not drive the stage and [illegible] week and that he would have my life, Calling me by my name - he said "McKeller I'll have your life if you don't quit driving Stage before a week" - "or any other man that would drive it". Those are the words he used. I then drew off my mit and told them to let go the horses then John the prisoner jumped down off the wheel & said "Robert lets go" and they both ran off [...].

(signed) Peter McKeller

Source: J.J. Talman Regional Collection, University of Western Ontario Archives, Donnelly Family Papers, B4877, File 12, Unknown, Queen vs. John and Robert Donnelly, Assault Against Peter McKellar, March 18, 1876.

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