John Donnelly vs. James Carroll, Threats to Shoot, 1878

John Donnelly vs James Carroll
Trail before [illegible] and [illegible] Justices of the Peace James Carroll appeared and pleaded not guilty to the charge of pointing a loaded pistol at and threatening to shoot John Donnelly

John Donnelly [illegible] being sworn

[...] Monday morning I was ploughing on my own place Jas Carroll came along [...] I did not go in the road nor did he come into the field. [...] He then turned & drew a revolver I think out of an inside pocket & walked a few feet towards the farm saying you son of a bitch if you come one foot further I'll blow your brains out. Nothing further passed and I went back to plough & he went on in the front with the revolver in his hand. [...] He walked towards me with the revolver in his hand. I do not know if it was cocked. I do not know if it was loaded. [...] I had no quarrel or dispute with him before. I understand Tom my brother had a quarrel with him the Saturday night before.

[...] Patrick Keefe having sworn says

[...] I have know Carroll some time. I know nothing bad of Carroll. His good reputation is that of an inoffensive man. [...] I will not swear I did not hear of a fued between the Donnellys & Carroll. I heard of the row at Dawe's raising & of the row at the sale.

[...] I never knew John Donnelly apt to raise a row with anyone [...].

County of Middlesex

To Wit

The jurors for our Lady the Queen upon their oath present that James Carroll on the fourteenth day of October in the year of our Lord one thousand eight hundred and seventy eight at the Township of Biddulph at the said County of Middlesex did unsuccessfully and maliciously assault one John Donnelly.

Source: J.J. Talman Regional Collection, University of Western Ontario Archives, Donnelly Family Papers, B4877, File 25, Unknown, John Donnelly vs James Carroll, Threats to Shoot, October 14, 1878.

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