Col. James Hodgins

The first settler in Biddulph was Col. James Hodgins who was born near Nenagh, Tipperary County, Ireland in 1785.

[...] In 1829, he and a few close relatives decided to emigrate to Canada but it was not till 1832 that his plans could be put into effect.

[...] his own log house on Lot 39, Concession 3 was erected in September, 1832.

[...] In 1835 Col. James became an agent for the Canada Company and in this capacity in 1844 he returned to Ireland to encourage other families to emigrate to Canada. Conditions in lreland prompted many to seek homes in the new land and thus a large part of Biddulph was populated by Irish.

Source: Jennie Raycraft Lewis, "Sure An' This Is Biddulph" (Unknown: Biddulph Township Council, 1964). Notes: J.J. Talman Regional Collection, University of Western Ontario Archives.

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