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The Rebuilding of Montréal

Struck by fire twice within a period of less than 15 years, the citizens of Montréal once again took on the task of rebuilding an area of the city. The sections on losses incurred and fires in general also provide documents related to the consequences of the fire. What were the priorities of the administrators and of the population? What were considered basic essentials according to the status of the inhabitants? The fire did not result in any deaths, but not all citizens, such as the widow Volant Radisson or François Soumande Delorme, were able to rebuild their houses by the following year. What was the fate of Marguerite César, who accused Angélique with such vehemence? What could the Leroux family do? How did the tragic event affect the Hospitaller Sisters? Did the authorities take advantage of the situation for urban development? The fire of 1721 allowed the king’s engineer to rebuild a portion of rue Saint-Paul. This time, the plan was to drain marshland. Why were some inhabitants opposed to the project?

Colonial Correspondence

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