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Extract of a letter from the governor and the intendant to the King: abandonment of legal action against Thibault.


We had the honour of informing you last year, Monseigneur, that during the Interrogation by torture of the Negeress, She only Avowed


her crime without revealing any accomplice, and that the prejudices we held against the man named Thibault were based solely on His Escape and some acts of debauchery with the Negress; That in the sentence by the first Judge whose decision is stated in the judgement, It is said that following the initial questioning of the said Negress, her Interrogation will be communicated to the king’s prosecutor in order to proceed with the final Judgement in Absentia against the said Thibaut; but we have had the honour of notifying you that the king’s prosecutor not having been able to come to any Deduction, M. hocquart did not wish to impose more Costs


on the Domain in respect to this issue. The fleeing of the said Thibaut and the acts of debauchery with the Negress appear to be the only charges against him; this is what we had the honour of transmitting to you last year in our October 9 dispatch, and although renewed research has been conducted since then, we have been unable to discover anything against the said Thibault, and M. hocquart has Deemed it unnecessary to impose more costs on his Majesty in this Regard.[...]

Source: France. Archives nationales, Fonds des Colonies, Série C11A, Correspondance générale, Canada, vol. 61, fol. 207-208, Beauharnois, Charles de, et Gilles Hocquart, Extract of a letter to the King: abandonment of legal action against Thibault, October 18, 1735.

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