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Ordinance given by intendant Hocquart to the captains of the militia for the arrest of Claude Thibault, 19 April 1734.


Charles M. de Beauharnois & Gilles hocquart &c.

It is Ordained that all militia Captains from Montréal to the city of Québec, along both the North and South shores, shall have arrested and taken to the gaols of One or the other of the said cities under sound and due guard the man named Thibault, highly suspected of complicity with the Negress of Dame widow francheville in the considerable Fire that occurred on the ten of This month in the said city of Montréal, the Said Thibault having been sighted on the Road to Québec on the twelfth of the same month. And given that we are in no State at present to forward the description of the said Thibault with the present order, the Said Captains will take care to arrest and Interrogate all Young men who are unknown vagabonds coming from the direction of Montréal toward Québec and passing through their area, to ask of Them their names and surnames, who they are, where they come from, and where They are going; and upon failure by the said passers-by to provide adequate Information on their persons, And


for the slightest doubt or suspicion regarding their responses, And in consideration of public safety, We expressly ordain that the said Captains have them arrested Immediately, and taken under sound and due guard to the gaols of This city; We will have the costs of the said transport paid to those who have attended to it, and the Captains are to have the present order passed along from Range to Range in the most diligent manner. Stated &c. done at Québec The nineteen of April 1734.
Signed Beauharnois and hocquart

[signed] hocquart

Source: Archives nationales du Québec, Centre de Québec, Fonds des Ordonnances des intendants de la Nouvelle-France, E1, S1 P2622, Hocquart, Gilles, Ordinance given to the captains of the militia for the arrest of Claude Thibault, April 19, 1734.

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