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Confrontation of Marie dite Manon, slave 4th witness, with Angélique, 4 in the afternoon, 12 May 1734.


Confrontation done By Us Pierre Raimbault King's counsellor lieutenant General civil, Et Criminel at the seat of The Jurisdiction Royale of Montreal, at the Request of the King's prosecutor, Plaintiff and Litigant, against Marie Joseph Negress Slave of the said widow de francheville, prisoner In the goals of This city; of the witnesses heard At The information done by Us on The fifteenth [of April] And this in the Execution of Our ordinance of the eight of April, with which Confrontation we proceeded as follows.

On Wednesday the Twelfth of May
four in the afternoon Seventeen Hundred
Thirty-four in the Gaol Chambers
Before Us said Lieutenant general

Had brought Before Us


By the Gaol Keeper, the Said accused, for Confrontation with Marie panis of sieur de Beyrey Being in his service, Fourth witness heard at the said Information; And Following the Oath taken by Them to Speak the Truth Were Asked to State if they Know of Each Other, and stated that they Do after which we proceeded with a reading to the said accused of the first articles of the testimony of the said witness, Containing Her Name, Surname, age, status And residence And Her Declaration that she is neither family, allied to, servant nor Domestic to the Accused, And Called upon the said accused to now state her Reproaches Against the witness, that if not done and failing to do so she will have no recourse after having been read the deposition and re-examination of the said witness


in accordance with the ordinance that We Gave her to Hear; the Said accused stated that she had no reproaches to make Against the Said Marie Panis of sieur de Beray.

This done we had a reading done to the said accused of the Deposition And Re-examination of the said witness And upon Hearing it, she said “You are wretched, Untruthful And Unworthy” and the said witness stated that Her Deposition And her Re-examination are truthful and said of the said Accused present that she heard her speak as stated in her deposition And Re-examination And Maintained this to the said accused, And persisted, And the Said accused stated that she Did not say that Her Mistress would not Sleep in Her house And that she did Not cross to the Other Side of The Street and Look Towards the Roof of the said House, that it Is true that At Five in the afternoon She Was Playing with the Said Panis


jumping with Her to see who would best cross the Said Street, And that the man who Was at the door of the hospital with his hand in a Dressing is not at all a Soldier but a Canadian from quebec who Resides here since last Fall whose name She does not recall at all; And the said Marie panis said that it is true that she tried to Cross The Street In Jumping, but that It was Thereafter that she saw the Said Negress against the wall of the garden of the said hospital looking towards the said house She the said marie panis having Been turning the Spit in the room at Sieur de Berey’s house, and the said Negress standing opposite The window on the Other Side of the Street And that as a Cry of fire was heard the Said Negress was speaking with a man at the door of the said hospital and on This [the said Panis] insisted, And the said Negresse replied that the said Panis, Is Unworthy And wretched to state such a falsehood, And that she recalls that the said man is named Latreille, And the said Panis stated and persisted that all she has


testified and stated Above Is truthful. A Reading done of the present Confrontation to the said Negress And the said Panis, Each persisted on their own behalf and the said Panis Wrote her name And the said Negress Declared to not know how to Write or Sign, as Requested.

[signed] Manon
[signed] P. Raimbault

C. Porlier

Source: Archives nationales du Québec, Centre de Montréal, Procedure Criminel contre Marie Joseph Angélique negresse — Incendiere, 1734, TL4 S1, 4136, Juridiction royale de Montréal, Confrontation of Marie dite Manon, slave, with Angélique, May 12, 1734.

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