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Deposition of Jean-Baptiste Gouriou dit Guignolet, 24 April 1734.


The year seventeen Hundred thirty-four The twenty-four Of April.

Interrogated as to his name, Surname, age status And Residence.

Stated to be named Jean Bte Gorioux dit guignolette [Jean-Baptiste Gouriou dit Guignolet], aged thirty-two years labourer residing for some time with His mother in Quartier St.Joseph Outside this city.

Interrogated as to whether he came Into the city during The fire On the night of the ten to eleven of This month.

Stated no. That he Did not come here during The fire, but Only on the Sunday at the request of the deselle, with a harness, to help find the equipage of Sr deverchaire;


on the way Marie La gardelette [Marie César dit Lagardelette] gave him Charge of an iron stove that he took to the Home of Her Brother vigé, and Having arrived at the home of Sr deverchere and seeing that he did not Need him he Returned, to which Sr deselle son can testify.

Interrogated to Tell us what he did with an axe that he had been Handed in order to help Stop the Path of the fire.

Stated that he was not Handed an axe And that he was not at the fire.

Interrogated if he had not Been prosecuted often And accused of many Thefts.
Stated that although he had Been accused he had However done Nothing to merit being Reprehended.

A Reading done to him of His Interrogation he stated that His Responses Contain truth and persisted on it And Declared to not Know how to Write or Sign as Requested.

[signed]P. Raimbault

To Be Communicated to the King's Prosecutor; done the Said Day And year.

[signed]P. Raimbault

Source: Archives nationales du Québec, Centre de Montréal, Vols associés à l’incendie du mois d’avril 1734, TL 4 S1, 4137, Juridiction royale de Montréal, Deposition of Jean-Baptiste Gouriou dit Guignolet, April 24, 1734.

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