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Deposition of Louise Chaudillon, 24 April 1734.


Interrogated as to her name, Surname, age, status And Residence.

Stated to be named Louise Chaudillon wife of Jean Baptiste Gourioux dit Guignolette Sergeant of the troops of the Marine, aged Fifty-six to Fifty-seven years residing in Quartier St.Joseph.

Interrogated to Tell Us what profession She practices, And Whether or not It is Against Her that Extraordinary proceedings Were taken And for what reason.

Stated that she fabricates and sells Brooms to provide for herself and two daughters, one aged eleven years


And the Other eight years, And that Up to now She has also Had another daughter named agathe living with Her up to now, working to Feed and Support Herself; that she has Not been prosecuted except On suspicion of having taken Blankets from Savages of which she And Her daughter were Innocent.

Interrogated to Tell us what she And her Children Saved from The fire

Stated that neither she, nor any of Her Family, took advantage of a single Pin of Everything that was lost in The fire, and that dame Juillet saw Her Coming back Home From the fire just as she is now before us.

Interrogated to Tell us why She had Fabric dyed The day after The fire.

Stated that she had not Dyed anything other than a [damonition?] jacket of her Son-in-law Laviolette formerly a Soldier; that she does not Believe It was on the Sunday.

A Reading done to Her of the present Interrogation she stated that her Responses Contain truth


and persisted on it And Declared to not Know how to Write or Sign as Requested.

[signed]P. Raimbault

To Be Communicated to the King's Prosecutor; done The said Day and year.
[signed]P. Raimbault

Source: Archives nationales du Québec, Centre de Montréal, Vols associés à l’incendie du mois d’avril 1734, TL 4 S1, 4137, Juridiction royale de Montréal, Deposition of Louise Chaudillon, April 24, 1734.

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