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Monitory letter by Louis Normant du Faradon, p.s.s., superior, on the issue of the thefts that occurred in the course of the fire, 16 April 1734.

Vicarius Generalis Quebecensis Dilectis nostris parochialium Ecclesiarum hujus Civitatis et Diacesis Rectoribus Scu corum vicariis Salutem in Domino. We command that you most diligently exhort on our behalf and with our authority under pain of Excommunication for three consecutive Sundays and give notice of the contents of the present in your parish Churches; We exhort you In View of the decree of sieur Raimbault Lieutenant general Civil et Criminel at the seat of The jurisdiction Royale of Montreal on the thirteenth of the present month and signed by clerk C Porlier at the Request and supplication of sieur foucher King's prosecutor in the said jurisdiction, Complainant before God and our Mother the holy Church; All Those who Know and are Aware that Certain ill-intentioned people, during The night of the Tenth to the Eleventh of the present month during the fire that took place at that time in this city, entered the houses, Yards, gardens of many individuals or other Places under pretext of lending assistance, and took, removed, kept and stole from there papers Letters, Books, Furniture, money and merchandise. Who know the places where they took them, the persons who Received and Concealed them, Who Know the said Certain people, Know their names, houses; And generally Those who have Seen, Know, are Acquainted with, Have heard Hearsay or seen anything of the circumstances and details of the above-mentioned deeds


or who were present at these events, participated, provided Advice aid and help or who can otherwise depose in whatever way, the former needing to come forward to disclose and the said Certain people needing to come forward, by themselves or through others, to make satisfaction within Six days at the latest after The third publication of the present before those who have issued it; otherwise we will use Ecclesiastical Censure Against them and in accordance with This law we shall serve ourselves of The penalty of Excommunication.

Datum Marianapoli sub signo Sigilloque nostris nec non secretarii nostri subscriptione anno domini millesimo septengentesimo trigesimo quarto die [vero ?] decima sexta aprilis.

vicarius Generalis
Girard secretarius

Source: Archives des Prêtres de Saint-Sulpice de Montréal, , T93, no 57b, Normant du Faradon, Louis, p.s.s., Monitory letter regarding the issue of thefts, April 16, 1734, p. 1-2.

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