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Interrogation of François Piquet, 9 May 1734.

The year Seventeen Hundred thirty-four The ninth of May.

Interrogated as to his name, Surname, age, status And Residence.

Stated to be named francois Piquet twenty-one years of age, son of Jean piquet Cobbler residing near The parlour of the ursuline Sisters in Quebec; And he who is Responding Is a labourer [who] at the time of the Fire resided at the house of Jean Campeau on the Chemin de la


Petite Coste near This city And for the last eight days at the house of the man named Gaudry, On The land of the Brothers of the hopital Genéral at Coteau du Baron.

Interrogated as to whether he took Anything from the Fire Other than what Was found In His Chest at the said Gaudry house.

Stated that he did not take anything other than What Sieur de Coste found on The previous night in his Chest and took with Him to remand into the hands of the Gaol keeper.

At that very instant, the said Gaol keeper Presented us with all that which Was found by the said bailiff de Coste in the Chest of the said Piquet During a visit to the House of the said Gaudry, All of which was Contained in a checked Cotton cloth, [the contents of which] we examined


In his presence And which Consisted Of four Igniters, four metal candle Snuffers and eleven Brass sewing needles, three trumpets, nine rifle Plugs, Five Metal Buckles for shoes And one Garter Buckle, four large leather punches And Ten small ones, two small Halter Buckles, four bolts two of them unmatched, four Nails, one Broken Funnel And a Piece of another funnel a rifle Breech made of iron or metal And four Nails, All of it appearing to have been affected by fire. We Interrogated the said Piquet to tell us If he Recognises the said cloth And the Aforementioned Pieces of Hardware And to tell us Where He got Them.

To this the Said Piquet Responded that the Cloth is His


And that he found the Aforementioned hardware in the Streets And Among the Debris Discarded from the Burned houses And This eight Days following the Said Fire while he was searching around with His Cane; and he cannot say in which house.

A reading done to him of the present Interrogation he stated that his Responses contain truth and persisted on it And declared to not Know how to Sign as Requested, And the Said Piquet was remanded into the Custody of the gaol keeper And the said Hardware And the said cloth were taken to the Registry Until Further order from Us.

[signed]P. Raimbault

[signed]C. Porlier

To be Communicated to the king’s Prosecutor


in order to request what he will advise; done on the Said Day and year Aforementioned.
[signed]P. Raimbault

Source: Archives nationales du Québec, Centre de Montréal, Vols associés à l’incendie du mois d’avril 1734, TL4, S1, 4137, Juridiction royale de Montréal, Interrogation of François Piquet, May 9, 1734.

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