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Letter by Hocquart on the issue of the losses in the house of de Bérey des Essars, 14 October 1734.

M hocquart 14. 8.ber [October] 1734


I had the honour of informing you in the month of May last that the house of Sieur de Berey clerk treasurer in Montreal was among those included in the Fire having occurred in this city On April 10 last. It was among the first to be consumed by the fire, as it adjoined that of S. francheville where it began.


The Following day M. Michel filed the report, of which a copy is Adjoined, of the loss incurred of a portion of the Playing-card money that S. de Berey then had on hand And which amounted to a sum of 678 #, Of the 12000 # that I had Forwarded a few Days previously to Montreal for business expenses.

On the 12 of the same month S. Michel together with S. Chevremont Audit clerk made their way to the house where S. de Berey had taken refuge, And at his request He conducted a verification of the receipts for expenses that this Clerk had gathered for the moment


from all of the persons who had helped him salvage them from his house.

As stated in the adjoined Report S. de Berey was found to be missing 4392 # 11 sols 10 deniers in receipts and orders which were lost or burned in the Fire and for which S. Berey had no knowledge of the nature of the Expenses; I could possibly sort it out when the accounts of 1733 and of 1734 have been verified which will indicate the missing portion of expenses registered by S. Michel; However if these receipts


were simply lost in the chaos caused by the Fire, and fell into other hands, They will become a total loss to S. de Berey or to S. Taschereau, clerk for the Official treasurers of Quebec and accountable for the finances of S. de Berey his clerk; Regarding which I beg of you, Monseigneur, to provide me with further orders as I cannot presently supply you with more ample Information.

I remain most respectfully Monseigneur

At Quebec on this 14 October 1734

Your most humble and
obedient servitor

Source: France. Archives nationales, Fonds des Colonies. Série C11A. Correspondance générale, Canada, vol. 62, fol. 112-113, Hocquart, Gilles, Letter on the issue of the losses in the house of de Bérey des Essars, September 14, 1734.

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