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Declaration of losses incurred by Pierre Lestage, 2 in the afternoon, 13 April 1734.


Today Tuesday thirteenth of April 1734, Two in the Afternoon Appeared at the Registry of the Juridiction Royale of Montreal, before the undersigned Clerk


of the said Jurisdiction Sieur Pierre de Lestage merchant of This city who stated and Declared and affirmed to us that all the Accounts, Letters and Copies of letters, inv[oices?] And other papers, bonds, Notes, rep[orts?] And parts of the registers Concerning the Company Records of goods as well as receivable and payable debts Belonging to Him And the deceased Sr Pascaud And the dame his widow, whom he had placed in a Chamber on the first Floor of his house to work at settling the Accounts of the said company, were burned there as well as some of his Own Registers, Bills bonds, Letters and a report of Receipts from the Office [of?] Castor, a Note of Extraordinary Expenses f[or?] the payment of officers And Soldiers in the said troops for work on the fortifications And oth[er?] receivable Debts titles, the Contract for his land Seigneurie de Berthier houses sites and special items, Furniture &c even a Note Given him by M. de lanoüillier from the deceased Mr. demusseaux for the sum of 1362 # 6 Dated the 20th 8th 1724 in which He had Received from the said Sr demusseaux The amount of 879# which the fire on the 10th of This month Consumed Before he had The time to Save them; The Quickness of the fire in The night forcing Him To abandon his house Without Taking Anything from it except for a few registers And papers that he has not Yet been able to verify or Find he Requested a copy of


the said declaration and affirmation which was given him to assist him if Needed, On the above-mentioned Day and Year.



Source: Archives nationales du Québec, Centre de Montréal, Déclarations, saisies réelles, productions, enchères, prestations de serment, 1734-1737, TL4, S999, Juridiction royale de Montréal, "Declaration of losses incurred by Pierre Lestage," April 13, 1734, p. 8-9.

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