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Declaration of losses incurred by François Foucher, 2 in the afternoon, 13 April 1734.


Today, Tuesday thirteen of April seventeen Hundred [thirty-] four at two in the afternoon Appeared at the Registry of the Jurisdiction Royalle of Montreal, before the Undersigned clerk of the said Jurisdiction, Mr francois foucher, King’s Counsellor and His prosecutor at the Seat of the said Jurisdiction Royalle of montreal, who stated declared and affirmed to us that the mortgage of three thousand three hundred and twenty-eight livres and fifteen Sols and eight deniers owed by Nicolas Perthuis son and His wife was for merchandise purchased in france with funds belonging to Mr de monmerqué that were Given to Him to invest in exchange for half the profit; that the house of the said perthuis, which had been seized for recovery of debts, having Burned down and the said perthuis and His wife now insolvent, the loss of the 3328 livres 15 sols 8 deniers must Be at the charge and Risk of the said Sieur monmerqué as well as the cost of the decree begun three or four years prior; And that the merchandise had been supplied to the said perthuis and His wife as early as 1727 And 1728; my said Sieur foucher also declared to have lost in the Fire when Moving two Notes for credit Owed to him


and Approved by Sieur Comparet, One for Seven Hundred And a few livres and the Other for Two Hundred Livres and a few Livres On which Remained to be paid forty-eight Livres, as well as the documents of his Proceedings Against the said Comparet; he requested a copy of the present declaration and affirmation to assist him if Needed, which was granted, and Signed on the said Day and hour, and a reading done Sieur foucher signed with my said clerk.

[signed]C. Porlier

Source: Archives nationales du Québec, Centre de Montréal, Déclarations, saisies réelles, productions, enchères, prestations de serment, 1734-1737, TL4, S999, Juridiction royale de Montréal, "Declaration of losses incurred by François Foucher," April 13, 1734, p. 13-13v.

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