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Report on the verification of the coffers of M. Berey, 12 April 1734.


Today Twelve April seventeen Hundred thirty-four, We general commissary and Ordonnateur de la Marine in Montreal assisted by Sieur de Chevremont Audit Clerk of this City, And at the Request of S. De Berey treasurer Made our way to the house of Mr. de Gannes where he [Sieur de Berey] had taken refuge following the Fire that occurred on the night of the ten to eleven of this month and which, within three hours time, Consumed forty-Six houses, his own included in the number, and There the said Sieur de Berey declared to us that in his haste, which we had witnessed, to salvage from the fire The Playing-card money And receipts for which he Was in charge, He discovered that there was a shortage of Six hundred seventy-eight Livres of Playing-card money as stated in the Aforementioned report, And approximately five thousand livres in receipts and orders that he presumes Were lost in the Fire at His house, due to a lack of time to retrieve them,


as well as most of his Furnishings, and Effects, All having been consumed within a half hour; the said S. de Berey requested of us that we verify [the status] of his Coffers, And after requesting him to show us all the Playing-card money, and the receipts in his keeping, and upon his sworn oath to not conceal any of it, He remitted to us the attached statement of receipts [for] expenses, And documented proof of the latter, and upon Our verification of these, It would appear that he is missing the sum of Five thousand seventy livres eleven sols ten deniers in receipts And orders Including Six hundred seventy-eight livres in Playing-card money, the loss of which was Stated in our preceding Report, Which the said Sieur de Berey confirmed to be truthful Without being able to know or indicate the nature of the expenses in the receipts that were lost or Burned; in view of and regarding which We filed the present Report and Initialled the adjoined Statement, And the other


separate Statements herein mentioned For the purpose of providing proof as required; dated at Montreal On The aforementioned Day and year signed by Berey, Michel and Gaudron de Chevremont. Copy, of which the Original remains with the Intendance.


Source: France. Archives nationales, Fonds des Colonies. Série C11A. Correspondance générale, Canada, vol. 62, fol. 114-115, Michel de Villebois, Honoré, Report on the verification of the coffers of M. Berey, appended to a letter by Gilles Hocquart to the Ministre de la Marine, October 14, 1734.

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