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Declaration of losses incurred by Charles-René Gaudron de Chevremont, 6 in the afternoon, 11 April 1734.


Today, Sunday eleven April 1734 at six in the afternoon Appeared at the Registry of the Jurisdiction Royalle of Montreal, before the undersigned Clerk of the said Jurisdiction, René Gaudron Sieur de Chevremont, Clerk for the Marine Counsel, Clerk for the Council of War And the Royal Notary in This city. Who stated And declared to us that being at the House of dame widow Reaume yesterday where he was doing an Inventory, the Spouse of Sieur Nicolas Catin arrived at seven or so in the evening and said to Them “You Are Very calm while the city is in Flames;” that in the instant the Said Sieur de chevremont left and Ran to his house, and In passing saw the house of dame widow francheville all aflame And Then noticed His Spouse with Her mother on their Balcony in tears, who Told him that they had been Awaiting him to Know what he wished to do [...]


that he had a large Coffer in the Said Study where He placed his notarial Documents with other papers [...] And Then Filled it with clothes And Whatever else he could gather In his hands, and once the Large Coffer was full He was rather Confused as to what to do to protect it from the Fire, and He took it down into the Street with the said Sieur Simon. Fortunately he found the man named LeBeau dit Lalouette, carter, to whom He said to take the Coffer, and who Refused at first saying that he was Salvaging his own belongings. And As There were many Soldiers in The Street, He Told them to place the Coffer, in which Were many royal documents, in the Cart, Which they proceeded to do in spite of the said LeBeau; And Fearing that the said LeBeau who had taken the Coffer with Him together with a trunk would leave it at the water’s Edge, He Remained and watched the said le Beau load the cart And [saw] him leave in the Direction of the Ramparts at the upper side of the city; and He then went to the water’s Edge where had been taken many of his furnishings [...] .


The said sieur de Chevremont moreover declared that he Shouted from afar to the said Latreille to go and tell His wife to Save herself And Without delay, not being able Himself to go as he had to Safeguard the few Salvaged furnishings Still Burning [...] He requested a copy for himself to assist him if Needed, which was granted on the said Day and hour And he Signed with Us.

[signed] Gaudron De Chevremont

Source: Archives nationales du Québec, Centre de Montréal, Déclarations, saisies réelles, productions, enchères, prestations de serment, 1734-1737, TL4, S999, Juridiction royale de Montréal, "Declaration of losses incurred by Charles-René Gaudron de Chevremont," April 11, 1734, pages 7-8.

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