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Letter by Beauharnois and Hocquart on the subject of the loss of the houses of M. Deschaillons, 10 October 1734


M. Deschaillons King's Lieutenant at Quebec, presented us with the unfortunate situation to which he has been reduced by the Fire in Montreal in which he lost two houses that provided him with 800 # in revenue, such that this officer is left with but 1800 # in commissions


and part of the seigneury of St. Ours, which earns him no more than 3 to 400 # in revenue, to subsist on and provide for his family. We beg of you, Monseigneur, Instantly to have some Regard for his incurred losses due to which he finds himself in no State to provide with any ease even for the necessities of his family, and particularly because of the position he occupies Being the commandant at Quebec for almost five months of every year. You are aware of the services rendered by this officer in the previous wars in Canada with all of the valour and good conduct of a Warrior; his two sons


are officers in the detachment under the command of M. De Noyelles and are full of good will; The Father could serve very well in the event of a rupture with our Neighbours, and if His Majesty called to action. We Trust, Monseigneur, that all of these considerations will Commit you to providing this officer who is a man of social standing allied to M. Le Duc de Tallard, a pension from the order of St. Louis. He is most worthy of this recompense; or if this is difficult, a pension from the Invalides de la Marine as


subsistence for Him. We beg of you to provide him with one or the other of these benefits and to instantly Heed our prayers that we have the honour of sending to you.

We remain most respectfully.


At Quebec on this Xth
October 1734

Your most humble and obedient servitors



Source: France. Archives nationales, Fonds des Colonies. Série C11A. Correspondance générale, Canada, vol. 61, fol. 171-172v, Beauharnois de La Boische, Charles et Gilles Hocquart, Letter on the subject of the loss of the houses of M. Deschaillons, October 10, 1734.

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