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Ordinance by the lieutenant général of the juridiction royale of Montréal on the subject of thievery committed in the burned houses, 22 June 1721


By order Of The king

To Monsieur The lieutenant general at the Seat of the Juridiction Royalle of Montreal.

All those who have Taken to their homes or have Knowledge of Places where items salvaged from the Fire in This city Have been taken, are ordained to Declare this without delay to Monsieur the king’s prosecutor And within twenty-Four hours at the latest under threat of Being reputed to have Retained or Concealed them, And of Consequently being Prosecuted under The Letter of the Law.

All persons, other than The owners of the Burned houses, are prohibited from Gathering or Removing any debris, or Nails, or other items of iron from the Streets or Locations or properties of the said Burned houses under penalty of Corporal punishment, done at montreal this 22nd of June 1721.




The year seventeen hundred twenty-one, The twenty-second day of June in the morning I the king’s bailiff at the Juridiction Royalle of montreal have Read, published, and also posted the ordinance in all customary places and locations in this city so that no one may plead [illegible word] ignorance.
[signed]Dorien king’s baillif.

Source: Archives nationales du Québec, Centre de Montréal, Rapports et mesures prises concernant l'incendie de Montréal, TL4, S1, 2636, Juridiction royale de Montréal, Ordinance on the subject of thievery committed in the burned houses, June 22, 1721.

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