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Oath by midwives, 1703.


I, Name, swear & promise God the Creator, in your presence, Monsieur, to live & die according to the Catholic, Apostolic & Roman faith, & to assume my duty with the utmost faith & diligence, in assisting women in childbirth, & to never allow harm to come to mother or child through my fault & where risk is imminent, I will call upon the Doctors, Surgeons & other women whom I know are experienced & knowledgeable in these matters. I also promise not to reveal the secrets of the families, or of the persons that I will assist & not to use any illicit means, under whatever guise or pretext, for vengeance, or misguided feelings, &


I will not fail in my duty towards whomsoever; but I will preserve with all of my might the sanctity of body & soul, of both the mother and the child.

Source: de La Croix de Chevrières de Saint-Vallier, Jean-Baptiste, Oath by midwives, Rituel du diocese de quebec publie par l’ordre de monseigneur l’eveque de quebec (Paris: Simon Langlois, 1703), p. 31-32.

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